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Discover Kaunas

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. It is a large center of science, culture, industry and entertainment as well as important crossroads in Lithuania. With Kaunas being temporary capital in the period between 1919 and 1939, a large part of Lithuanian inteligentsia, political and economic elite concentrated in the city and created the image of Kaunas as a cradle of culture which survived to this day. The main street in Kaunas is considered to be Laisvės avenue –  a unique pedestrian boulevard in Lithuania which is 1,6 km long. This is the place where residents and visitors like to go for a walk and it is also a center of culture. “Kaunas City” hotel is located on this street, therefore, all city sights can be reached within several minutes.

Several places of interest in Kaunas:

Velniu muziejus

Devil's Museum - a unique museum, which has no analogues in Europe, where you will meet strange, funny and clever imps and will learn how a Lithuanian devil is different from his “colleagues” in other countries of the world.


Distance to the hotel – 400 m.

For more information visit: Devil's Museum

Vytauto Didžiojo karo muziejus

Vytautas the Great War Museum – the exposition consists of archeological finds, side arms and firearms, ordnance kits, revealing the historical development of the state and warfare of Lithuania; items and documents as well as collections of negatives and photos related with the flight of “Lituanica” plane through the Atlantic ocean; collection of uniforms of foreign armies, a collection of documents and books.



Distance to the hotel – 300 m.

For more information visit: Vytautas the Great War Museum

M. K. Čiurlionio dailės galerija

M. K. Čiurlionis Art Gallery – it is the central building of M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum. Palace in the style of Art Deco was built in the period between 1930  and 1936.


Distance to the hotel – 350 m.

For more information visit: M.K.Čiurlionis Art Gallery



                                      AND MANY MORE………


Kauno valstybinis muzikinis teatras

Kaunas State Musical Theater – this theater palace is associated with Lithuanian legendary drama actors, opera soloists and ballet dancers. In this very building the professional Lithuanian theater art – drama, opera and ballet - was born and existed through the whole interwar period of the independent Lithuania.



Distance to the hotel – 50 m.

For more information visit: Kaunas State Musical Theater


Kauno valstybinis dramos teatras Kaunas State Drama Theatre - can rightly be proud to be the founder of professional Lithuanian theater. Dramos ir Operos Vaidykla established by the Lithuanian Society of Artists led to the emergence of the theater.

Distance to the hotel – 150 m.

For more information visit: Kaunas State Drama Theatre


Kauno valstybinė Filharmonija

Kaunas State Philharmonic  has the aim to present the achievements of national music culture at the highest artistic level, to foster and develop culture and traditions of the national, professional music art, to perform classic compositions and compositions of foreign composers, to convey values of world musical culture in a creative way, to develop, formulate and meet society's need for professional music art and music culture.



Distance to the hotel – 50 m.

For more information visit: Kaunas State Philharmonic


                   AND MANY MORE ………

Architectural monuments
Kauno senamiestis

Kaunas old town – it is the most beautiful part of the city, designated only for pedestrians. The majority of buildings were built in 16th c. Some of them have been restored. You know that you are walking down the old street when you see unique phone booths. The street connects the old and the new city.



Distance to the hotel – 100 m.

For more information visit: Kaunas old town


Kauno Rotušė The Town Hall of Kaunas, called “The White Swan“, has been standing in the old square of the city for already 460 years delighting residents and visitors of Kaunas by its incredible beauty.

Distance to the hotel – 350 m.

For more information visit: The Town Hall of Kaunas


Šv. Mykolo Arkangelo Kauno Įgulos Katalikų Bažnyčia

St. Michael the Archangel Kaunas Church  – this is a representative building in neobyzantine style of Kaunas military fortress, which was supposed to show luxury and official style.



Distance to the hotel – 600 m.

For more information visit: St.Michael the Archangel Kaunas Church


                       AND MANY MORE ………




Shopping center “Akropolis” – shopping center of exclusive size and design, where you can find lenty of stores and entertainment starting with cafes and restaurants ending with skating ring and bowling.



Distance to the hotel – 900 m.

For more information visit: Shopping center "Akropolis"


Trade town “URMAS” – trade town URMAS, known for the largest business area in Kaunas, is famous as a shopping complex fostering long traditions of trade.



Distance to the hotel – 10 km.

For more information visit: Trade town "URMAS"


Tour of Stumbras Distillery – museum gives an overview on the development of alcohol consumption culture in Lithuania and presents the role of the company in the process of industrialization. Visitors get acquainted with the history of the distillery: century-old buildings, documents from archives and photographs. Of course tastings are organized too.



Distance to the hotel – 900 m.

For more information visit: Tour of Stumbras Distillery


                                           AND MANY MORE ........


In addition, you can go on different tours, use guide services, taste Lithuanian and other cuisine, visit various bars, restaurants and other places of entertainment. We are looking forward to your visit at different times of the year as Kaunas is vivid all-year-round!